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Open Cast Call

Event Date: 
Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 9:45am to 3:00pm
Event Description: 

Learn how to become part of the RenFest magic. We explain the process and answer any questions about the training on March 11th. Please arrive "before" 10:00 am. 46468 River Road, Hammond LA 70401.  We will explain the program and answer questions.  After the presentation anyone interested should audition; it is a very easy audition.  We ask a few simple questions to learn about you, like these CastQuestionaire2017.  Please be prepared to tell a joke, recite a monolog, or sing a song.  
The Albright Players are part Theatre Club, part Trainig Program. Each month the free training workshop builds on the previous month; The Albright Players have a requirement to attened each of the free workshops (second Saturday of each month 9am-4pm). The comeradere and fun make the learning easy. 

The Albright Players are the people who make the village magical. William Shakespeare wrote: "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players." At that point in history actors were called "players," because acting was seen as having fun and playing. Today we know there is much more to performing than the fun of doing it well. We are called the Albright Players because the RenFest calls its village Albright, and Players is both historically accurate and its fun. The second Saturday of every month from March through October we have a one day workshop. Anyone interested in being a part of the Albright Players must attend the March 11th workshop and open "cast call." Each month afterwards we build on the training from the previous month(s) progressing your training through finding the character right for you, costuming, acting, and performance. Virtually anyone can learn to act, we can help you be better. Introverts learn how to approach strangers and speak to them. Type A personalities learn how to better utilize their larger than life personalities. All ages are welcome, anyone under 16 years old must have an adult chaperone on cast (21 or older). Our youngest cast member was prenatal and we haven't reached an upper limit yet. YOU CAN DO THIS! Come out to our open casting call on March 11th (before 10am) we can show you. Because of our dynamic structure we easily accommodate seasoned actors, those interested but never have, and entire families wanting a bonding experience. WE HAVE THE ROLE FOR YOU! PROFESSIONALS & COMMUNITY THEATRE: We hire seasoned professional shows as needed. This cast call is for our local volunteer cast, the Albright Players. The Albright Players is an awesome way to broaden and refine your acting skills: you can literally try the same line different ways over and over all day with a fresh audience every few minutes, or different lines to see which works best. We are willing to work around your rehearsals, productions, and filming schedules. Polished shows that are interested should submit a link to video of thier show to Alvon. To become an Albright Player one must:

  • Have appropriate garb.
  • Have an appropriate character (we will help you with that).
  • Complete the monthly training.
  • Greet strangers. Compliment the patrons.
  • Introduce your character to strangers, and talk to them.
  • Show proficiency by adequately performing these skills with the RenFest audience.

Every Albright Player must first decide if their character will be Noble or not, then how historically authentic they want to be. Basically are you willing to spend so much money on one outfit for faire?
NOBLES must decide if their character will be someone actually from history, or indicative of the era. Note any character with a title must be an actual person from history. All noble characters have stringent and expensive garb (costume) requirements. There are similar but separate requirements for Men and Women characters (men bow, women curtsey, etc). 
 - Nobles are best suited for charismatic people that don’t mind spending a fortune on clothing. They meet a lot of people for brief periods of time. You will become strong at Greetings, constant smiling is a virtual must.
DEMONSTRATORS must support educational demonstrations by learning at least one trade/skill, depending on the demonstration it may be learned late in the year after character, garb, and interactive skills are developed. Depending on your chosen occupation and demonstration this can take the most time to learn, but you will always have a supportive cast around you.
 - This is good for those that like to plan and work with their hands. Those that like to help others or enjoy explaining things. There is even room here for scripted presentations.  Some people apprentice with exsiting demonstrators, others want to reasearch and explore new educational demonstrations to perform. There are many occupations during the Renaissance here is a long list of 1600 Occupations, and here is a more reasonable short list of RenOccupations.  
ENTERTAINERS must be strong at improv. They must be able to initiate conversations with strangers, all ages, all genders, tall and small. Entertainers must be able to get a patrons name and use it during their conversation. Strong improv means compliment anyone, greet everyone, project loud enough to be heard from afar. Use random props (whatever a patron might be carrying). Most importantly be interactive without offending. If you can do any of these things we can help make you stronger and better at them. 
 - This is ideal for charismatic personalities, the extroverts, with type A personalities, those with a quick whit and the gift of gab. Entertainers will occasionally need the ability to stay interactive with the same person or group for long periods of time. Its a strong plus if you “like” talking to strangers. Follow this event on facebook

PS: We are currently seeking Noble Men, Royal Guards, and demonstrators. 


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