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2017 RenFest 



  •     Show the faire size.
    •     Compel people to see it in person
    •     Show It's fun, & interesting;
  •   Interesting for Kids, family, adults  
  •     Shows: Entertainment(s), Shopping, & Demonstrations
    • Stage Shows, Interactive Theater, Lane bits, music, comedy, magic, etc.
  •     Food, variety (including gluten free, vegetarian, healthy, and meat).
  •       (optional) map app that shows you where you are at the faire.  (~10 sec?)
  •     (optional) Easy directions to faire.


  1. Pull into RenFest parking lot (one screen, not 360 video)
  2. Drone up to see the entire parking lot (in one screen), then entire faire.
  3. Time lapse down toward front gate, 
    1.     (a) Pan over to slow motion ticket booth for ~3 seconds, 
    2.     (b) Time lapse to the front gate, then slow motion front gate ~3sec.
  4. Go through the front gate AND transition to a steady-cam ~360 view
  5. Go through entire park frequently using time lapse, real time, and slow motion to keep video shorter yet highlight key points of interest. 
  6. At leaving through gate transition back to drone. Show entire park to again to show the size of our event.
  7. (Optional) review strongest key points of attraction (kinda like outtakes), To compel interest in visiting.


  1. A Trailer covering all of the objectives. (5~15 min). 
    • One as a 360 view.
    • The same video with a single (forced) perspective.
  1. Thirty-Second Commercials
    • One to see the “Trailer”
    • Other commercials usable for TV.
    • Can easily be short pieces (teasers) from the Trailer video.


Alvon Brumfield, Marketing Director
Louisiana Renaissance Festival   985-520-4806