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What is a RenFest?

Renaissance Festivals can be explained as part "Festival," part "Theme Park," a large part "Theatre," a "Holiday Shopping" Adventure, an "Educational Experience", AND, much more; The LA RenFest has so much Entertainment, Education, and Holiday Shopping you will have a great adventure. Your trip back in time becomes a mini-vacation. Everyone has a great weekend vacation at the RenFest. Louisianaians can save on airfare, hotels, and skip the suit-cases. Every Autumn the Louisiana Renaissance Festival creates the English "Village of Albright". There is a magical ambiance in the villagers of Albright. There are over six hundred artisans, entertainers, and educational demonstrators welcoming you to the best parts of the sixteenth century. The atmosphere is adventurous, exciting and romantic. There are more than fifty shows and demonstrations everyday, on a dozen stages. From the quaint love ballad played for just you and the one you love, to the real jousting and falconry arena (that can hold five thousand people at one time). The quaint Village of Albright is surprisingly large. The quantity of educational content includes: music, demonstrations, history, language, wood, iron, wax, glass, and way more. There is more to the Village of Albright than Entertainment and Education, search a hundred booths for the most unique hand made creations. The Louisiana Renaissance Festival revelry always starts the first Saturday of November, and goes for six weekends. That is every weekend of November plus a weekend or two in December, its a great time to support artistans and do some Holiday shopping.

ENTERTAINMENT: LaRenFest has a huge variety of entertainment. Albright has real jousting and falconry in our large arena. You can find over fifty different shows. The large variety of entertainment helps ensure everyone will have fun. A "Ren Fest" vacation has many types of entertainment to explore, including: exciting sword-fights, comedy, jesters, jugglers, jousting, falconry, fire-eating, knighting ceremonies, animal acts, puppet shows for the kids, pub-shows for mom and dad, and lots of music. Enjoy over dozen different stages and performance areas. The live music performances include an eclectic variety of instruments. See AND hear a hurdy-gurdy, a harpsichord, a Hammered dulcimer, and bagpipes, all in one day. Ask the lute player "can we have a love ballad today;" He loves to play for couples. Feel free to speak with hundreds of villagers.

EDUCATIONAL DEMONSTRATIONS: The Village of Albright has dozens of educational demonstrations. We demonstrate many trades and textiles. We have: blacksmiths, coopersmith, glassblower, candle making, cooking, spinning wheels, a loom, games, and a new baking oven making fresh bread. The village of Albright has countless opportunities for learning. Education and Entertainment are well integrated at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival. The glassblowing is so interesting... is it a show or a demonstration?
- The Louisiana Renaissance Festival works with the "Renaissance Living History Center" (a 501c3 non-profit) to host "Student Days," a program to help school kids across Louisiana and South Mississippi. Through "Student Days" the Louisiana Renaissance Festival contributes thousands of hours and dollars to support history and art in our schools.

ART, ARTISANS, and SHOPPING: There are over one hundred places to shop at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival. Many of the merchants in our village of Albright are artists or artisans. You can find many items similar to the those you would find in an English towne during the Renaissance. The large varitey of hand made art and unique items makes the Louisiana Renaissance Festival a perfect way to support the arts while Holiday Shopping.

Somewhere between Festival and Theme Park. The Louisiana Renaissance Festival has so much Entertainment, Education, and Holiday Shopping, it becomes more than a festival, its a mini-vacation. Have a great weekend vacation! If you live in South Louisiana or Mississippi you can save on airfare, hotels, restaurants, etc. Skip the complicated travel arrangements, have your vacation, sleep in your own bed, and your able to make it to work on Monday.
The Louisiana Renaissance Festival is a perfect mini-vacation. Our six weekend event gives you plenty of time to spend two entire days with us, once with the kids, and once for the adults. Its more than a fun adventure about the Renaissance. Our outdoor event is fun, clean, safe, and educational. The entire 16 acre entertainment area is an interactive theatre; Which means its OK to ask us questions and to interact with us, you get to be part of the action. We encourage you to cheer for the good guys, and "boo" at the bad. At our theatre its OK to have fun while you watch. We encourage you to meet every one of our cast and ask questions. Its ok to eat a turkey leg while you watch a show. Its ok to take pictures, and post them to your facebook page. Its ok to have an ale, mead, or wine. Its OK to dress up if you like. You can wear your own sword to La RenFest You could spend an entire day shopping. You could also spend an entire day watching educational demonstrations. And its not humanly possible to see all the shows in a weekend, but you can see a bunch. There is plenty of fun things to do at La RenFest. Spend the entire day with us, we make it fun.